Terms of Service

Scope and Purpose

By using idle-empire.com (from now on referred to as Idle-Empire) you acknowledge that you accept these Terms of Service to their entirety and without reservation. You are also agreeing to our Terms of Service as well as its future modifications and you are responsible for compliance with any applicable laws. These Terms of Service govern your use of this website.

Privacy and Account Information

Membership is for personal use only and is limited to one account per person and household. You need to be at least 13 years old and you agree to provide accurate information to Idle-Empire, including its advertisers and partners. Use of Idle-Empire through a proxy, VPN or any other method that obfuscates your real IP address is forbidden and will lead to refunds and account bans.

Idle-Empire is collecting information about your account through the API of the social networks that you can use to sign in to our website. We only store your user ID, username, avatar, and e-mail address. We will refer to this as "personally identifiable information" below. We don't have access to your e-mail address or your password. Idle-Empire will never share your private information with anyone as part of our privacy policy.

Every action you take on the website is monitored and logged, including a timestamp and your public IP address.

Personally identifiable information is used internally by Idle-Empire to deliver, develop and improve products, content and services, to which users have subscribed, and to answer users’ requests. In addition, Idle-Empire may allow third parties performing services under contract with Idle-Empire, such as offer wall providers or analytics software, located in and outside the European Union, to access and use personally identifiable information, but only to the extent necessary to provide those services.

External websites and companies with links to and from Idle-Empire's online sites and products may collect personally identifiable information about users when users visit their websites. Third party publishers may also collect personally identifiable information as a requirement of accessing their content. Idle-Empire's privacy policy does not extend to external websites and companies or third party publishers with links to or from Idle-Empire's products and online websites. Please refer directly to these companies and websites regarding their privacy policies.

Intellectual Property

All materials on this website are intellectual property of Idle-Empire and you may not use any of the content seen here for commercial use without written permission. This includes the codebase, the layout/look-and-feel of the website, referral system, graphics, as well as any similar variations of the name Idle-Empire.

Acceptable Use

By using Idle-Empire, you acknowledge that you must not utilize the website in any way that may cause damage, harm, or any harmful impairment to both the accessibility and availability of Idle-Empire nor in any manner which would be considered unlawful, illicit, harmful, or fraudulent. By using Idle-Empire you also acknowledge that we and our staff have at any time the right to access and modify your account balance, information and anything pertaining to your on-site account. By using Idle-Empire you acknowledge that you have read our guides and FAQs and understood how the service works and its limitations.

Limitations of Liability

Use of our services is at your own risk. Idle-Empire, its owners and affiliates will never be held liable for any individual's profits or losses caused by this website. Idle-Empire and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any loss of virtual credits or refunds issued by the offer wall providers.

Virtual Credits

Our on-site currency (also referred to as "Points") is not a form of real money. It does not hold any monetary value and may never be redeemed for "real world" money, or other items of monetary value / inherent value. While we may use terms like "buy", "purchase", "earn" in reference to the virtual credits, we do so only for convenience and such terms in no way indicate that Idle-Empire's virtual credits hold monetary value or are real money whatsoever. You acknowledge that Idle-Empire's virtual credits are not redeemable for any sum of "real world" money from us at any time. We make no guarantee and take no responsibility as to the nature, value, or quality of the features of the service or any third-party goods or services that will be accessible through the use of Idle-Empire's virtual credits.

Bans, Timeouts and Conduct

Idle-Empire reserves the right to remove any user from our website without and for any reason. Idle-Empire reserves the right to ban or freeze any account without and for any reason.

We reserve the right to terminate any account that shows suspicious or fraudulent activity or any account that breaks the current Terms of Service.